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In October 2004, Corel Corporation purchased Jasc Software, and with it, the distribution rights to Paint Shop Pro. Originally called simply Paint Shop, the first version, 1.0, was released in early 1992.

Paint Shop was originally distributed as shareware, but is now sold in the United States for US$99.99, or US$59.99 for an upgrade from version 7 or higher, which is considerably lower than the price of its main competition, Adobe Photoshop. International prices vary but there is always a price advantage over Photoshop.

Jasc paint shop pro old verions

The old shareware and trial versions 2-9 of Paint Shop Pro are available for download at

Paint Shop Pro 2.0 (0.4 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 2.01 (0.5 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 3.0 (0.2 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 3.11 (1.8 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 4.12 (2.4 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 5.0 (6.7 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 7.0 (32.0 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 7.01 (28.6 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 7.02 (28.4 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 7.04 (30.1 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 8.0 (53.8 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 8.01 (55.1 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 8.10 (55.9 MB)
Paint Shop Pro 9.0 (108.0 MB)

Some of the early releases of Paintshop weighed in at a whopping 231kb. These earlier releases have a small memory footprint and are excellent graphic editors for older computers. It’s cool to be able to go back and try out these older versions and see the evolution of such a wonderful product right before your eyes.

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